Monday, April 28, 2014

Envision Minneapolis 2014

Gorgeous venue with the best view of Minneapolis

Art created right in front of our eyes

Gorgeous Sigma ladies
Stellar performance by Shiro Dame
That model has a message for you!
New venue, new Envision. Orchestra hall is a perfect new home for you! Spacious and airy, that place is like no other. Who knew, that it's not just for concerts anymore? Fun show, interesting designs and a lot of friends, new and old. I couldn't have asked for a better Saturday night.

Samantha Rei Designs
Zhenya of, FashionFanatic5, ParckerXL, Lauren Payton
Overall the music and the food were great, New venue is a perfect fit. Some of the designs were questionable, as well as girls in masks going down the runway. A section on workout gear could've sat out, but the leggings were great. The second part of the show, presented more collections as a whole. My favorite looks were by Samantha Rei, Caroline Hayden, and a few random pieces from here and there. The best part of the show for me personally was seeing local Minneapolites dressed for the event. There were so many beautiful people in the crowd, I can definitely see our fashion scene growing for the upcoming fall MN fashion week.
How was your weekend?
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